Tiger Warrior

If you don’t know it yet, the tiger is like the coolest animal ever. What we mean is, just check the tiger ambushes in this 5-axis video slot, three of which look particularly mean and intimidating. However, you may want to keep your distance from the top tiger that seems to be some kind of demonic hellfire. Yes, no more.

From a design point of view, this online advertising space is appropriately designed to capture the imagination of the spinner without falling completely into ridiculous 3D graphics or facial expression animations. In fact, these free Tiger Warrior slot machines have a clear Chinese feel to them, bringing gamblers to the remote wilderness and the center of the tiger's natural habitat.

Even if the game may be set in the middle of nowhere, the player should not feel lost when rotating the reels. This is because the game works in the same way as most casino slot machines; you just need to select your bet from the available options and press the spin button or make the reels move. The minimum bet provided is only 0.50 points, and the maximum bet limit is 250.00 coins.

Tiger Warrior players don't even have to worry about any particular payline, because as long as the matching symbols appear on the 243 winning slot machines from left to right, the winnings paid can be paid. The most valuable victory is the coin bet multiple of 2,000 times. As long as five matching fire tigers appear on all five reels, they will be rewarded.

Tiger_Warrior001.PNG - 1.60 MBTiger_Warrior002.PNG - 1.34 MBTiger_Warrior003.PNG - 1.29 MBTiger_Warrior004.PNG - 1.37 MBTiger_Warrior005.PNG - 1.28 MBTiger_Warrior006.PNG - 1.32 MBTiger_Warrior007.PNG - 1.31 MBTiger_Warrior008.PNG - 648.50 kBTiger_Warrior009.PNG - 1.48 MB