Although you may not often explore the wilderness in real life, this game gives you the opportunity to experience the real situation in nature.

Located in the east, you will be immediately taken to what looks like a bamboo forest, surrounded by hundreds of dense plants reaching the sky. Accompanied by the scene is a piece of soft instrumental music, a sweet lullaby, you can instantly relax when you look around.

These background graphics are very realistic, you will be able to see the sunlight gleaming in the green plants, and all the surrounding roots are buried underground. The ants on the giant land, the huge forest and planting density will make you feel like you are in a new world.

The scroll contrasts sharply with the soft natural color of the background and is painted bright red, which is considered very lucky in the Far East. Many symbols and the game title at the top of the game board also have golden highlights.

WONG_PO001.PNG - 1.28 MBWONG_PO002.PNG - 1.23 MBWONG_PO003.PNG - 656.73 kBWONG_PO004.PNG - 1.83 MBWONG_PO005.PNG - 1.82 MBWONG_PO006.PNG - 1.75 MBWONG_PO007.PNG - 1.22 MB