Wong Choy

Given that Spade Gaming is the largest online gaming brand in Asia, it is not surprising that many of their games (such as Wong Choy) have traditional advantages in overall design.

Although it adheres to the traditions of a country, it does this in a modern way that will attract many different types of users, even those who usually oppose gorgeous aesthetics. This is because the brand will operate cleverly when creating games and will only add content needed to make popular games.

Just like when we played "Shougen War", we went up the mountain with Huang Cai again, but this time the scenery was more beautiful, evoking a sense of tranquility, instead of instilling a bloodthirsty in our body feel. This time is used when we want to relax but can publicly reflect our decision of the day. In order to ensure that players have enough space for this operation, 5 reels and 15 Winlines have been used.

This game of spades is an activity that no one thinks twice, so if you are still uncertain, then why not continue reading and let us explain to you what makes Huang so interesting.

Before you even see the paytable, it’s best for customers to set their betting range. There is no doubt that many people know that Spade Gaming tends to use the same control and monetary value system to maintain a consistent relationship with followers.

Wong Choy allows you to change the bet through the denomination column and the betting display. The former is the one that determines the value of each coin; you will get a profit between 0.01 and 1 Euro. Regarding the number of coins, the upper limit is 1 to 10, which means that you can stretch your wallet if you have the ability. Since this is a lower Winline title, although users will still pay 150 points in bonuses, they will not end up spending big money to enjoy the maximum bet.

Customers can also enjoy the "AutoPlay" and "Quick Spin" functions at the same time when playing Wong Choy, both of which are located on the right side of the control panel. The automatic round is divided into multiple parts, which allows you to better control your experience and provides continuous rounds at the beginning of the setting. However, the faster reels have nothing to do with unlimited choices, but only give you two: normal or fast. Players can easily play the game without using "quick spin" and will not miss the functions it provides, which shows the uselessness of this option.Wong_Choy001.PNG - 1.36 MBWong_Choy002.PNG - 619.96 kBWong_Choy003.PNG - 1.26 MBWong_Choy004.PNG - 1.10 MBWong_Choy005.PNG - 1.37 MBWong_Choy006.PNG - 1.31 MBWong_Choy008.PNG - 1.42 MBWong_Choy009.PNG - 1.38 MBWong_Choy010.PNG - 1.37 MBWong_Choy011.PNG - 1.36 MBWong_Choy012.PNG - 1.34 MBWong_Choy013.PNG - 1.24 MBWong_Choy014.PNG - 1.14 MB