Zeus slot machine has 30 pay lines, five reels and a series of winning combinations, which can help you understand why WMS is one of the best quality slot machine providers. It is a fast-moving slot with the theme of the ancient Greek god Zeus, and with several famous goddesses as the theme, and with its vivid graphics, extraordinary surround sound and chance to win, it provides excitement, excitement and adventure Game experience.

The symbols in the Zeus slot machine are related to Zeus and other gods in Greek mythology, and they take you on a realistic Greek adventure. Of course, you have Zeus, Pegasus, boat, helmet, vase, wreath, harp, silver coin and gold coin, but no card symbol.

The three symbols you don't want to miss are the wild symbol, the scattered lightning symbol and the Zeus symbol, which is the highest paid symbol. The lightning symbol triggers the bonus, and you can win the bonus after completing the winning combination. Scattered symbols, Raiden cannot be combined with the wild to form a winning combination. The Zeus symbol is used in groups in one or more bonus rounds.

The machine provides coins in a variety of denominations, ranging from $0.01 to $5. You can only use one coin on a payline at a time. The minimum bet amount is set to 0.30 USD and the maximum bet amount is set to 5 USD. The maximum bet you can bet is 150 USD, and the maximum winning amount is set to 2500 USD in real cash, for a total of 500 casino points. These symbols may appear as stacked, which means you can hit the stacked wild in each spin. There are 30 active pay lines, effectively allowing you to keep cash reserves at any time.

WMS equips Zeus with economical and time-saving autoplay options. Set your preferences on the machine-custom bet amount, number of spins, time difference between two spins, etc., and allow WMS software to play games and win prizes for you.

ZEUS001.PNG - 1.59 MBZEUS002.PNG - 1.39 MBZEUS003.PNG - 1.43 MBZEUS004.PNG - 1.32 MBZEUS005.PNG - 1.29 MBZEUS006.PNG - 1.37 MBZEUS007.PNG - 1.31 MBZEUS008.PNG - 1.19 MBZEUS009.PNG - 653.72 kBZEUS010.PNG - 1.66 MB