zhao chai jin bao

The Lunar New Year is the most important day in the Chinese calendar. It is a famous firework celebration, food, and many people hope to usher in a new year of prosperity. Therefore, "Zhao Cai Jinbao" is a coin-operated game machine, which focuses on the pure beauty of Chinese culture, with a set of beautifully designed game symbols, depicting some traditional festival props.

Some images show the dragon dance costumes used in traditional dragon dance performances and a Chinese guardian lion, showing all its golden glory. There is also a phoenix symbol representing renewal, and a pair of koi carps in the yin and yang position symbolizes good luck for the coming year. The wild symbol of the game appears by a man in traditional oriental clothes, and the scattered icon is a golden hat.

Even the lower value playing card symbols in the game (9, 10, J, Q, K, and A) are associated with items in the Lunar New Year celebrations. For example, the 9 icon has an orange color, which is one of the real gifts for young children. At the same time, the A symbol shows a red envelope, which is usually filled with money and is given to children and singles as a symbol of luck and prosperity.

Zhao Cai Jinbao did not provide much bonus features. In fact, the only special gameplay element that players can expect is the scatter icon. When it appears on a continuous reel, it will win a bonus; while the wild icon appears on reels 2, 3, and 4 to complete all symbols. The order of winning. That is, when the wild icon replaces the symbol to complete the victory, the wild icon will double the value of the player's victory. There is nothing else. There are no free spins, no stacked wilderness, and no special bonus games.

However, just for the fact that it is beautifully designed, this game is still very interesting. Nothing on the game screen is ignored, and each symbol has authentic oriental patterns and bright colors. In addition, while the reel is rotating, a Chinese theme song will be played, bringing the performer into this oldest and most mysterious cultural center.zhao_cai_jin_bao001.PNG - 1.61 MBzhao_cai_jin_bao002.PNG - 1.24 MBzhao_cai_jin_bao003.PNG - 516.51 kBzhao_cai_jin_bao004.PNG - 1.63 MBzhao_cai_jin_bao005.PNG - 1.38 MBzhao_cai_jin_bao006.PNG - 1.56 MB