Rising Gems

For hundreds of years, the crystallization of minerals, whether in the most primitive or distilled form, has been the subject of human fascination. The subtle shimmer of the light shone in the reflection. All of this makes us love gems and decorate our bodies and houses with gems that we can find and can afford.

Rising Gems has inherited the love for us and created a sparkling game that revolves around finding pixelated jewels instead of putting a rock on our fingers in order to discover wealth. So far, we like the voice: the least money but the greatest benefit. You don't have to spend thousands of euros to go to a jeweler, you can become a collector of high-end gemstones without spending more than 0.20.

If at any time in this 5-roller and 20-win line game, you miss the appeal of fabulous trinkets in real life, you can make cardboard rings from objects lying at home. Or raid your or your spouse’s jewelry box in case you need it. If you want to win the x1,000 credit jackpot, you can do it while watching.

You hope to find such pure gems elsewhere-caves are the beating heart of all mining activities, and their caves and rough surfaces make them a treasure that is often undiscovered for many years. In Rising Gems, you can explore one of the cavities in depth and get a 3x5 grid of floating gems. This is your honor.

There are seven kinds of these gems, and there are also two symbols in the shape of wild and scattered tiles. These two are the only ways you can activate the bonus feature, because all other gems are purely based on money.

The most offered gemstone is the electric blue luster of round diamonds, which are beautifully cut and polished to provide the observer with dazzling illumination. Players will only find three or five beauties among them, and the maximum number of matches equals the maximum points.

Compared to other online games, 1,000 coins do not sound impressive, but when you think you can discover these tiles multiple times, your jackpot starts to look more luxurious.

If you only seem to find cheap gems, don't worry, because they can provide a lot of cash from time to time, and the price of pink teardrop jewelry is between 5 and 50 credits. Of course, you will always like 50 coins compared to a small amount of £5, but everything makes your final payout generous, even for small wins.Rising_Gems001.PNG - 1.66 MBRising_Gems002.PNG - 1.50 MBRising_Gems003.PNG - 519.77 kBRising_Gems004.PNG - 1.57 MBRising_Gems005.PNG - 1.55 MBRising_Gems006.PNG - 1.54 MBRising_Gems007.PNG - 1.50 MBRising_Gems008.PNG - 1.37 MB

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