Top Gun

If you want to play a slot game that really makes you breathless, you need to fasten your seat belt first, and then try Top Gun; one of the outstanding works in the Playtech series.

This is an officially licensed slot game inspired by the movie of the same name, so if you "feel the need, the need for speed", you can load the Top Gun slot machine and get into trouble immediately. Top Gun slot machine was originally an IGT game, but the online rights have now been acquired by Playtech.

The game uses industry-leading All Ways technology, which provides players with 243 special ways to win every spin. Therefore, every time you spin the turntable, you can get one of the main game prizes, trigger the "Danger Zone" free game round, or watch the jet zoom into the field of view and blow up five Dogfight Wilds onto your five turntables .

Top Gun is fully licensed and has almost no animations and features in the film franchise; including the occasional Berlin smash hit "Take My Breath Away", which is introduced in the film's official soundtrack.

This is another excellent slot game from Playtech. If you like this movie, then you will definitely like the features provided here; nostalgic rules! Stubborn slot game players may be disappointed that the free game limit is eight spins, and the "dog fighting wild" feature seems to be rarer than Hayley's Comet. Regardless of those troubles, this is indeed a smooth and fun game.

All the "High Aspirations" characters are here – Goose, Iceman, Charlie, Joker, Stinger – etc. Each of them will receive different rewards for spinning on the reels. There is no sign of Tom Cruise's Maverick, probably for some contract reason, but hopefully this will not make you overly optimistic.

But first is the playing card symbol. They are divided into two camps. Jacks and Queens pay 5 coins, 15 coins and 25 coins to spin three, four or five on your 5 reels. The Ace and King symbols pay 10, 25 and 50 coins according to the same principle.

Next are two things that fighter pilots without self-esteem cannot do: jackets and aviator sunglasses. These can earn 15 coins by spinning three coins, 50 coins for four coins, and 100 coins for all five coins.

Next are the two main pillars of the film franchise: Stinger and Jester. Spin three of them on one of the paylines and you will get 25 coins as a reward, four will get 75 coins, and five will get very neat 150 coins.

The two main male protagonists in the movie-the goose and the iceman-then became the focus. These two handsome boys spin three, four or five on their own reels, and each received considerable rewards: respectively For 50 coins, 150 coins and 500 coins.

The last major symbol in the game is Charlie, who is played by the charming Kelly McGillis in the movie. She is in a happy mood and will pay the player 100 gold coins (three-person group), 250 gold coins (four-person group) and 1,000 gold coins (full hand).

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