Touch Down

If you are not familiar with the rules of American football, don't be afraid. This is a complex and complicated game, and you don't have to master the word "Touch Down" deeply. Learning to determine the drama and tactics of American football can take years. It takes a few minutes to learn the symbols in "Touch Down". After that, you go with the wind.

5 reels and 25 paylines form a playing field where you can bravely win or fail gloriously. To achieve the former, you need to identify and pinpoint the advanced symbols of the game. These icons have the same national characteristics as the sport. Even if your experience of American football is limited to watching the Super Bowl with kegs and nachos mountains, you will recognize these symbols.

We have a football player lying prone on the field (probably after shoveling it with a delicious shovel), boots, a ball, the fingers of a cheerleader, a referee and a spectator wearing oversized comedy gloves. These runners overlap the American football field, flanked by a pair of tall players. The football in flight zooms at the top of the screen.

In terms of design, WorldMatch deployed a retro comic style. It seems that some people will love and some will hate. It is true that calling any protagonist in the game-from the cheerleader to the player-is attractive. However, they looked like a gorgeous bunch, there was no room for that. It's commendable that WorldMatch has at least tried to come up with something that seems to be different from the plethora of sports video slots.

The game starts with the screams of electric guitar music. You may need to lower the volume of the speakers to an acceptable level before installing them to avoid harsh ears. There is no doubt that Touch Down is not very subtle. Mute the music, you can freely focus on the action.

When the reels are lined up in a row, the football player on the right side of the screen leaned over in a sinister posture, as if he wanted you to dare to run over. Ignore his illuminator and focus on the scroll, this is where the money is. Three, four or five symbols in a row will win, but there is also a wild symbol that can be substituted.

In the case of a "touchdown", the wild symbol appears in the form of a football and can be kicked to the goal in the background at any time.

Another symbol you want to see is a lawn mower. This is a weird looking lawnmower-brown and juicy-but little is known about the graphics in this slot. In any case, you can identify the lawn mower effortlessly because it is covered with the words "Free Spins". Considering three or more, you will be rewarded with twelve free spins and two multipliers. In other words, all the prizes you won in 12 free spins will be doubled.

Finally, the bonus symbols (including a small number of pills) will take you to the bonus round and you must choose six from nine players in exchange for additional coins. In terms of execution, "Touch Down" is a weird game, but its weirdness and unusual design make it quite attractive. Rotate it to see for yourself the meaning of this American football Malaga.

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